TGV Train Horn 24v, Variety products

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Outstanding alternate sound air horns, available in 12 V or 24 V. Structure is aluminium.Only for vehicles equipped with on board compressed air tank; SEGER attractive individual box packaging. Packaging customization available for high volumesor long-term supply programs. This air horns have two metal trumpets painted with black.color.81DH: also known as the TGV horn, this double solenoid type has an electronic control unit and performs alternate blasting at low cycles.

Steams gemenskap :: Guide :: Driving the Steam Locomotive and the technical aspects.

THN Update - TGV Horn Train Horns Netherlands

hi-do TGV train horn 24V - Luchthoorn - 135 dB

All ride TGV Air Horn in black for 24V application.

All Ride TGV Air Horn-Black 24V


THN Update - TGV Horn Train Horns Netherlands

Ryobi Quad Train Horn with Remote – Impact Train Horns

FEATuRES - ALSTOM Signaling Inc.

Truck Air Horns, Hadley Air Horns, Black TGV Air Horns, 24v. Baby Shark Musical Airhorns, Air Horn Fitting Kit. Cheapest Prices online.

BASURI® Musical Air Horn, 12/ 24 Volt, 130 DB